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Servicing Greater Ottawa and surrounding areas such as Arnprior, Carleton Place, Perth, Smiths Falls, Kemptville, Winchester, Russell, Embrun & Rockland


Septic System Assessments

BPS will carry out a detailed assessment of the septic system components.

  • Review of any available documentation

  • Assessment of exposed interior plumbing in house

  • Internal inspection of the septic tank

  • Putting down of auger holes and test pits to determine the condition of the leaching bed


Only hand operated equipment is used during the assessment to minimize any disturbance to the existing landscaping and prevent damage to the any sewage system components.

An assessment report detailing the findings, conditional and capabilities of the septic system will be provided the next next business day.

Well/Water System Assessents

BPS will determine the operating conditions of the drinking water system and to ensure the water system is safe to drink.

  • Review of any available documentation

  • Assessment of the water supply (i.e. wellhead)

  • Estimate of general well yield/pump rate

  • Assessment of the existing water treatment/distribution system

  • On-site testing using portable testing kits

  • Potability testing from an accredited laboratory

An assessment report detailing the findings, conditional and capabilities of the well/water system will be provided the next next business day.

Sewage System Design & Lot Grading Plans

Is part of the design process, BPS will provide the following. 

  • Field investigation to obtain existing site conditions

  • Evaluate various septic system design options

  • Discuss options with client and select system best suited for site

  • Prepare full set of design drawings

  • Obtain a Sewage System Permit from Regulating Authority 


For the construction of a new home, a Lot Grading/Drainage Plan is required as part of the Building Permit application process.  BPS will prepare the plan in accordance to the City of Ottawa guidelines.  This plan will include the footing levels for the house, basement floor level, and proposed landscape grading in the vicinity of the house and septic system.  


Blakely Property Services Inc. (BPS) specializes in septic system assessments, well/water system assessments and septic designs.  If you are moving into a rural neighbourhood, these homes are most likely serviced by a well for drinking water and an on-site septic system to treat the sewage. 


A malfunctioning septic system or drinking water system can be expensive to repair/replace and pose a significant health risk to your family and neighbours.  Since problems with these on site services may be hidden, it is extremely important to have a qualified professional carry out a detailed inspection of both the septic and water system prior to purchasing a home.  BPS does not sell or install septic systems or water treatment equipment, so you will be assured of an unbiased opinion.  A full walk-through will be provided on-site to ensure you understand how these systems work and how to properly use and maintain your private services, which can save you money in the long run. 


If you require a septic system design, it is very important to select the proper type of system, since the installation of the system may dramatically impact the lot grading and landscaping.  BPS will discuss the various design options with you to ensure the type of septic system selected the most economical and best suited to the property.  


Since 2001, Jamie Blakely has been working in the water and wastewater industries, specializing in sewage system and water system assessments for real estate transactions.  He has extensive experience designing various types of sewage systems for residential and commercial properties and completing compliance studies for rural drinking water systems subject to the drinking water regulations.  He is familiar with the regulatory requirements, design requirements, installation practices and operation/maintenance best practices for private servicing, which allows him the ability to provide unbiased professional advice.  Jamie is a Certified Engineering Technoligist (C.E.T.) and remains current in his field with training to maintain a clear understanding of industry standards and technological advances. 



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